Choosing Hardware for Your Front Door

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Whether you’re building your dream house, re-modeling an existing home or just giving your house an exterior facelift, the right door fixture can do a great deal toward enhancing the look of a home.

The door is often the first thing that visitors observe from close range, and beautiful door furnishings that harmonize with the rest of the house will catch the eye in a pleasing way.

Door fixtures come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. When choosing an appropriate fixture for a door, it`s important to consider several factors:

Design and Period
How is your home designed? Is it a contemporary style, an ultra-modern style, or a Victorian or Queen Anne style? All of these things play a part in the kind of door fixtures you should choose.
Every house has an exterior design scheme and accessories should be chosen to match this overall scheme. If you have a mid-19th-century design, complete with gingerbread scrolls, an ornate style of doorknocker and knob will be quite in keeping with the scheme. Likewise, if you have a 20th century A-frame or a contemporary ranch style or adobe-style home made of stucco, a sleek, polished knocker and knob of a simple design will be more attractive than an ornate fixture.

Whether the house is of brick, stone or stucco, door furnishings can be chosen to match and even enhance the overall look of these materials. Warm looking materials such as brick, redwood and old stone are beautifully set off by gold or brass door fixtures with burnished, antiqued finishes, or sleek polished styles ornamented with scroll and leaf patterns. Exterior materials, such as stucco and painted woods and sidings, can be set off attractively by chrome and silver matte or polished fixtures in sleek, simple designs.

Types of Door Fixtures
Whether you want a matching knocker and knob combination or just a simple door knob for a small entrance way, you`ll be able to find the right match by considering the size and style of your home. Larger doorknobs with design work and heavy plates may be more suitable for larger homes and homes with a definite retro-period design, while smaller, plain doorknobs suit smaller and more modern-styled homes.

Other Accessories

Other types of amplimesh door fixtures include letter plates, doorbell plates, doorknockers and address number and letter plates. While many homeowners prefer a traditional polished brass finish for these items, those with contemporary style homes might want to consider the smooth pewter look of elegant polished chrome.