Freelance Writers – A Few Tips For Hosting Your Own Internet Radio Show

Computer games can be an excellent way to help relieve stress. Studies are now showing that video games have positive effects on stress levels, serving as a brief escape from an otherwise bleak existence. Some computer games take you into a fantasy world which can give your brain a break from the problems of every day reality. The key is to limit your computer gaming to no more than thirty minutes per day, otherwise you run the risk of becoming addicted which can be stressful in itself.

The other option is to sign up for subscription service like Napster. The downside to this is that it costs, but there are benefits one does not get with free internet radio. Here you can find a variety of Hebrew artists and choose what you want to listen to at any given time. This is the option that I personally chose because the subscriptions are not overly expensive and it allows me to listen to the Hebrew music that I like. I enjoy listening to Yael Naim songs that are in Hebrew along with the Idan Raichel Project. Napster also carries a number of artists who perform more traditional Hebrew music.

On the charts, the Carpenters had twenty top 40 hits on the weekly Billboard charts, with three going to number one. Here’s a look at the Carpenters twenty biggest hits, according to Billboard’s Weekly Top 40 Charts.

Your music collection will continue to grow on a day-to-day basis, but once you’ve established a strong base collection, it’s time to learn about equipment. If you want to be an event DJ, you may find you will do well with just a laptop, an iPod, some speakers and a microphone. But if you are interested in becoming a club DJ, turntables and mixers are a must. Consult the internet and trade magazines for a full list of recommended equipment.

We’ve Only Just Begun – 1970 – Richard heard this song on a TV commercial for Crocker Bank in California and decided it would be a good song for them to record. It turned out to be their signature song.

Now not everyone will be able to use this strategy, but this goes hand in hand with radio advertising. Everyday people tune in to their favorite radio stations, and this is a great way to gather more leads into your business. When doing radio advertising, you will want to clearly state your phone number (twice), and also state your website address. A lot of people will stop to respond to your ad, and so be ready to take on a lot of calls.

Lastly, I have found a MP3 software program that works hand in hand with Sound Tap, called Wave pad. If Wave pad is installed on your computer and you are running sound tap, the music you are working on will be instantly uploaded to wave pad for further editing options.

If you have not included web radio in your overall marketing, it may be time to rethink this. With new stations popping up every day, show hosts are always on the lookout for great stories and people to feature. Why not you?