Old Sounds Become Cool Again On Internet Radio

The beginning of this line of work for me began January 1, 1990. I was doing what I enjoyed which was being a radio DJ. It didn’t pay well so to supplement I also sold radio advertising. In small markets you also sweep floors. One day I stopped to see a business person about advertising on the radio. He told me no thank you and said he used things like this and handed me a fist full of imprinted items including pens, magnets and calendars complete with his company information on it.

A good friend of mine is getting married next weekend and his bachelor party was this past Saturday. He wanted nothing too crazy, just a grillout and a nightclub afterwards. He began to ask me for suggestions. I thought in my head and something quickly came to mind, the new Boogie Nights 80’s dance club at the Hollywood Casino (Lawrenceburg, Indiana). Now you are asking me why did that come to mind? The answer is radio advertising. I am a big fan of rock music and this particular station was airing ads for this club multiple times per day during the drive home slot (3-7), which typically has the highest listenership as well. Due to this suggestion, the club made over $1000 on drinks/food from our group.

It’s “Nightmare on Okie St” the Halloween Eve jump off where the ghouls and goblins will be in full effect. The spot to be this Friday is Love Nightclub. The doors open at 10pm with an open bar from 10pm-11pm. The party will be rocking until 3am. You must be 21 and up to enter the club. Your top 40 hits will be provided by DJ Analyze and DJ Money. Make sure you are there on Friday October 30.

Research as much information as possible to leveraging these avenues to get prospects, because why pay for advertising when you can get good high quality leads for free right.

The other option is to sign up for subscription service like Napster. The downside to this is that it costs, but there are benefits one does not get with free internet radio. Here you can find a variety of Hebrew artists and choose what you want to listen to at any given time. This is the option that I personally chose because the subscriptions are not overly expensive and it allows me to listen to the Hebrew music that I like. I enjoy listening to Yael Naim songs that are in Hebrew along with the Idan Raichel Project. Napster also carries a number of artists who perform more traditional Hebrew music.

Remote houses could be advertised in two ways, without requiring the real estate investor to often visit the house – advertising the house through your tenant and through your neighbor.

Other useful features of Nokia N95 8GB include a 5 mega pixel camera, document viewer, GPS receiver that can show maps of 100 countries, Nokia music manager, hands free speaker, converter and a TFT display screen that has support for 16 million colours. The above comparison of Nokia N96 with Nokia N95 makes it clear that these mobiles differ with each other in many respects. Both have good connectivities and are competitively priced. However, it would still be better if the user compares Nokia N95 with Nokia N96 comprehensively to decide of his own which handset among the two would be better for him.